August 05, 2014

Katie & Nadine in 2014: Week 31

Day 211
First Night out without Mr. Fox! We went to the Lady Gaga Concert (our 4th time) and had awesome seats! We were in the second row and this picture was actually taken right from where we were sitting!
We missed Big Honey, but he was well taken care of by Grandma Rene' and even slept through the night, which was perfect, because we didn't get to bed until 1am that night. 

Day 212
We love this boy so much, my heart bursts every time he looks at me. 

Day 213
Family Selfie

Day 214
We went to a Baby Shower and to dinner with the family for Robert's Birthday that night. You can't tell in this picture, but Fox wore his first Tuxedo for the special occasion...haha. 

Day 215
Fox LOVES his grandpa Steve, he thought he was the most hilarious guy he ever met. This video makes my heart smile!

Day 216
Another day at the office...

Day 217
Fox loves to lay on his changing table to talk and stare at his I'm taking advantage and get some work done! #LifeofaWorkFromHomeMom
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